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Costume Makeup

For Halloween or any other time your kids want to really "become" their favorite creature or character. Girls and boys will find the colors they need to complete their special look. All costume makeup kits are made of natural, hypoallergenic materials. The makeup is easy to apply and easy to remove. The powders come off with mild soap and water. Apply with a slightly damp applicator for a darker hue. Each kit comes in a reusable zip case and contains necessary applicators. Each kit contains enough makeup for multiple applications. Although all contents are hypoallergenic, please perform a spot check on your child's arm to ensure there is no reaction.

  • $19.99Animal Medley

    The kit comes in a clear zip case and contains:

  • $19.99Pixie Magic

    The kit comes in a clear zip case and contains:

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I just wanted to say thank you. As a pediatrician and mother of 2 young girls I was thrilled to finally find a safe, non-toxic makeup. My kids love the products and so do I.

Thanks again, Julie