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Ingredients & Product Information

All of our products use only organic and/or naturally occurring ingredients (some minerals are synthetic versions of natural substances). Our suppliers all comply with standards set forth by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and we are a proud signer as well. All ingredients are FDA-approved for the specified uses.

A note on terminology: Although these minerals are natural, they are not "organic" in the sense that they are not derived from a plant (which is the definition the USDA uses). The powders are not micronized.

What's in Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup contains only naturally occurring mineral elements with no preservatives, artificial colors, or fragrances. The particles are too large to penetrate the skin yet go on smooth and are easy to remove. The powder applications can last for hours and many provide a natural sunscreen with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. For children, the big benefit is the lack of artificial dyes (FD&C or RDC colors) that can cause an allergic reaction.


Powders: Magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, kaolin clay. For color: mica, iron oxide.

Lip balm: Olive oil, beeswax, castor seed oil, shea butter, lanolin, natural flavor, mango seed butter, vitamin E, rosemary leaf extract. For color, may contain: mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, carmine.

Nail polish: Water, polyurethane, acrylic copolymer. For color, may contain: mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, carmine.

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artificial colors
nut products

Our jars are free of BPA and we use recycled shipping boxes and labels.

Application & Removal

Powder: Apply powder with a brush or cosmetic puff. Remove with a moist tissue and water, soap, or natural oil such as jojoba.

Costume Makeup: Apply powders with sponge applicators or puffs. For a darker hue, use a slightly damp applicator. Remove with a moist tissue and soap.

Nail Polish: For children 3 and up. Use under adult supervision. Apply to clean nails. Multiple coats may be needed to achieve desired effect. To peel off, soak nails in warm water, then peel off from one corner.

Caution: Powders will wipe off any hard household surface (e.g. sink, wood floor) but may stain a soft surface such as a rug. Powders will come off clothes, for best results use a stain remover before washing.

What's in My Cosmetics?

Check out the Environmental Working group's Cosmetics Database to find out what's hiding in your common products. They have lists of specific products and brands including shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. with their detailed ingredients and a rating of their "hazard score." Luna Star products are listed as part of this database and Luna is a proud signer of The Compact for Safe Cosmetics.


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I just wanted to say thank you. As a pediatrician and mother of 2 young girls I was thrilled to finally find a safe, non-toxic makeup. My kids love the products and so do I.

Thanks again, Julie